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designer studioThere are many people in the world who are very much passionate about unique designs to enhance their lifestyle. Natural landscape, retrospective designs, fashion, modern architecture etc. are the sources from where one of the most renowned designer companies, Christopher Elliot Design takes inspiration. Unique livable spaces are created by the designers of this well-known company with the help of colors, styles, materials and eras. Though highly knowledgeable about the job they do, still the designers continuously try to expand their design vocabulary and knowledge. These designers always listen to the needs of the clients and designs by them. Visit to know more about Christopher Elliot Design.


All aspects of building design, interior design, project management and interior decoration are offered by Christopher Elliot Design. It is a full service design studio by which a wide range of projects can be accommodated. All the management services and designs are tailored by it to suit the requirements of the clients. While consulting with clients, the designers try to educate their clients about all the details of this job. Integrity of the design is maintained by the professional and experienced designers. Exceptional results are delivered all the time by the services of Christopher Elliot Design.

  • Interior architecture design

Integrated interior environments are achieved by combining unique planning and design. Professionally drafted interior architectural designs are supplied by Christopher Elliot Design to all its customers. The tradespeople, project builders and engineers are always consulted with by the designers while undertaking any project. Some methodical, tailored and practical approach is employed by Christopher Elliot Design to develop any kind of existing or new space. Quality materials are used by them to redesign an ordinary space into a luxurious one.

  • Architectural Material Specification

The designers of Christopher Elliot Design have vast knowledge about the selection of right material for a particular space. All the selections are documented in details to know more about their specifications. A designer is required to select the right architectural material in order to enhance the beauty of a space. All the designers of Christopher Elliot Design are highly knowledgeable about the quality of products and designs.

  • Loose Furniture and fittings specification

Detailed furniture layout plans are provided by the designers of Christopher Elliot Design in accordance to the personal choice and lifestyle of the clients. A unique collection of furniture is supplied and specified by them to ensure outstanding results. A wide range of decorative services – from furniture selection to art constancy, is provided by them. To complete all the projects, new and fresh designs are created each time by the designers.

  • Project and design management

A satisfying project management service is employed by Christopher Elliot Design by visiting the personal site and communicating with the clients. In this way, the team is instructed properly to maintain best possible standards to complete any project.

Contact Christopher Elliot Design in Melbourne to give your house a new touch of elegance, sophistication and beauty.

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