Marketing Tips For Your Business In 2014

With the new year comes a renewed optimism for those in business. With fresh challenges and a refreshed approach, business owners across the world are now thinking about how they can make this year much more lucrative than the last. Effective marketing in 2014 is much different to before, even to 2013, and there are a number of strategies and techniques small business owners can deploy in order to achieve better results from their marketing effort. If your business is looking for more customers, more exposure and a better brand profile in 2014, there are several key strategies you should look to maximize to achieve the best results.

If you are not doing so already, social media is one of the main ways you should be marketing in 2014. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus – across all of the major social networks, you should be investing in developing your profile, building your audience and expanding the base of customers you can interact with through these channels. Social media lends itself well to business, and to providing a more direct marketing channel through which prospects can learn more about your business and about the way you operate. While it can take some getting used to, making use of social media as a two-way communication tool in business can have significant results over the twelve months to come.


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An ever-popular strategy in the physical sphere is promotional marketing, particularly at this time of year. Calendars and new-year-themed items can be printed up and distributed en masse, for a very low unit cost, to help spread your business message. This can also be useful in both B2C and B2B industries. Depending on the quality and distribution of your free promotional “vehicles,” whether they are pens, mugs, calendars or some other printed item, it becomes possible to raise your business profile and achieve better reach for your brand.

The age of online is now seamlessly sliding into the age of mobile, and with that businesses of all shapes and sizes are now modifying their websites and online efforts to take account of these trends. Optimizing web materials for mobile is a starting point, and this is particularly important for those hooking up with social media, where increasing proportions of traffic are now coming through mobile and tablet devices. Even online advertising channels are changing to compensate for this surge in mobile attention, presenting new opportunities for businesses to reach out to potential prospects.


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There are a million and one ways to market and promote a business, and whatever works for you is worth spending money on. A business like that run by mark weinberger CEO of E&Y will have different needs from a small, local business, for instance. But if you want to supercharge your marketing efforts, there are a few more cutting edge techniques you can deploy. By setting these to work for your business, you can start to see an increase in interest and buzz around your business and the work you do. Through raising the profile of your business, and targeting more customers in a direct way, sensible marketing campaigns in 2014 have the potential to deliver much stronger ROI, while achieving better all-round results for the businesses concerned.

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