Let’s get more familiar with floor marking tapes

marking tapesFloor marking tapes are drastically replacing paints nowadays. They are not only very easy to set up, but also an efficient and fast way for work like marking an aisle or any rails. They can be used in various renovation works, to mark the premises or may be to differentiate between various goods. They can be simply ordered online or you can find them in the local departmental stores.

These tapes are made with various kinds of materials like vinyl, PVC in different sizes and colour to fulfil the needs of its user. The acrylic adhesive used in these tapes is very aggressive in nature and last for 7 years or more, depending on various manufacturers. Below, you will know about a list of floor tapes which are available in the market.

Anti-slip tape

This type of tapes is used in general as well as for warehouse purpose for its special 60 grit non-skid nature. You may get a huge range of colours pattern, adhesive grade and size to meet all kind of industrial needs. Some of these tapes glow in dark too. They are considered as the ideal marking tape for areas with traffic like stairways, ramps, walkways, entrance way etc., as they provide a safe and efficient marking. In general, all of its kinds come in 60-foot rolls. The common types of anti-slip tapes are:

  • Extra coarse
  • Standard
  • Hazard
  • Glow in dark

These tapes are practically resistant to water and other chemicals. To increase the friction in these types of tapes, the upper surface is coated with a durable and high quality of abrasive aluminium oxide.


Sometimes you require few special shapes for safety or work needs. You can find many different shapes of floor markers with high-quality manufacturing material which will suit to all your needs. They are normally available in ten different colours. Few of these shapes are:

  • Arrows
  • X’s
  • T’s
  • Dots
  • Corners
  • Footprints

In shapes, the most important thing is the design and angles, so special care is taken to design them to withstand any heavy traffic. They are very simple to use too as all you have to do is peel them off and place them where you want. They will stick to the floor immediately and will enhance the layout of your floor.

Vinyl tapes

If you don’t need a very thick marking tape then you can choose vinyl tape. This tape is very efficient and affordable in nature. The roll length of these tapes is about 98 feet and they are available in 8 different colours. These tapes use a very strong acrylic solvent adhesive which makes them quite reliable. They come in two different types according to its colour which are:

  • Hazard: These are hazard standard tapes with black and yellow strips.
  • Standard: These are the normal uncoloured tapes.

Tapes are a great replacement for paints. They are not only user-friendly, but also very efficient. Sometimes, paint gets chipped or scratched with regular use whereas few tapes are very strong in nature and feature break resistant capabilities. Tapes are very portable and can be stored easily too, but if you don’t store paints properly then it would not last for a long time.

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