A buying guide for concrete grinders

concrete grindersGrinding is a manufacturing process used in construction and tool making to produce work pieces and surfaces with very fine and high quality finishes. It is an abrasive process, where small particles are removed from the surface of the subject due to the abrasion force applied by the work piece. Concrete grinders are used decorate a concrete surface by polishing it with highly finished surface. Even concrete binders are used to level out an uneven surface and finish the joints and corners with perfection. Though contractors are supposed to do the grinding job but with an easy to use concrete grinder even a household person can do so with only a little demonstration. MK Diamond offers a wide range of choices in concrete grinder Melbourne.

Concrete grinders use rotating discs fitted to it horizontally as the abrasive work piece. You will be able to perform a wide range of tasks using various attachments available in the market. Starting from cleansing of concrete floors to, removing surface coatings to polishing concrete floors can be performed using a suitable concrete grinder.

There are many types of concrete grindings are available in market nowadays. With sizes ranging from very large ones to hand held concrete grinders, all are available to cater your needs.

Three of the widely used concrete grinders are briefly described below –

  • Hand-held floor grinders- This type of concrete grinders are used for smaller floor grinding operations and for polishing steps and concrete countertops. With available sizes below 10 inches hand-held concrete grinders are very light weight and mobile.
  • Walk behind floor grinders- This type of concrete grinders is built for heavy duty grinding applications for comparatively large surfaces. With available sizes ranging from a feet to four feet, these are operated like a lawnmower.
  • Ride on floor grinder- This type of concrete floor grinders are used for heavy duty commercial applications. Especially for shopping centers, showrooms, warehouse floors, etc.

After deciding the type of concrete grinder you need, now you have to look for the precise machine you want. You need to take the following characteristic into your consideration before buying a concrete grinder –

  • Power requirement- Concrete grinders available in market are powered by electric, battery, oil or gas. So, there no cords or electric socket required to run concrete grinders powered by oil or gas or battery. And electrically powered concrete grinders are available in various power ratings. So, be careful while buying an electric concrete grinder and chose the one that caters your needs.
  • Weight- Concrete grinders are available in diverse sizes and weights. Typically hand-held concrete grinders are small in size low in weight and are suitable for household uses. While there are larger, commercial variants of concrete grinders are available in the market. So, choose the size of the concrete grinder you are going to buy as per your workload.
  • Working dimensions- The size of the rotating horizontal discs used in concrete grinder varies greatly. The dimensions of these discs can range from single and few square inches to grinder with multiple discs and hundred square inches of effective work area.

So, consider the entire above characteristic of concrete grinders before buying one. Have a visit to their website to know more about various types of concrete grinders available in the market today.

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